The Source of Spiritual Energy

People may think that a spiritual discipline is something you have to do over many hours a day. Actually, 15 minutes a day can be sufficient for many things. I am learning Spanish through an app called Duolingo. It recommends 15 minutes a day. It will send a reminder that you forgot your 15 minutes.

15 minutes a day reading directly from the Bible or other spiritual text, especially first thing in the morning, can fill your spiritual energy tank for the day. Maybe I need an app for that to send a reminder and then congratulate me for keeping up my discipline.

I love the picture from John about Jesus being the vine and we being the branches. Think of it as a system where energy flows from the root through the vine and then through the branches until fruit grows from the branches.

When I take time in the morning, then I will have better fruit during the day.

Fruit is personal–the way I live, my attitude, my interactions. Fruit is outside–my service to others. I just have to remember the source.

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