Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Apologies to all of you country music fans. But the song title seems to fit the blizzard of headlines from the past couple of months. Thanks to the Internet, even being in Spain this week has not blocked all the news.

Evidently we still need a lesson in New Testament Greek, because people must be misreading the Gospel of John where we are told over and over to love one another.

In English we have one word. In Greek, Jesus talked about Agape rather than Eros. The love that flows from God, rather than the love that flows from hormones and emotions.

I studied a lot of 19th century philosophy at university. Marx, Nietzsche, Bakunin–all thought that Jesus was weak talking about loving enemies and sheep. They misread the human condition.

It is actually stronger to love in the Agape sense. Yielding to the power of hormones and emotions leads us to destroying our lives.

Just look at the many reports of the fatal mixture of money, sex, and power we read about every day.

It takes strength and faith to resist temptation. I’m betting we all realize that at some level.

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