Humble Leadership

Last weekend I had the opportunity to worship at Willow Creek Community Church. It’s one of those “mega-churches” I write about often.

There was a great leadership lesson there aside from Bill Hybels’ teaching.

The worship team came on stage. The worship leader was at the side of the line of singers. The light came up on him to welcome everyone.

Then the worship music shifted focus to each of the singers. Even though they are professional quality they have the ability to involve everyone. It never felt like just a performance.

The important symbolic act, though, was that there was no one star. The leader made sure that everyone got some spotlight.

I thought about how that reflected the changes at the entire organization. It used to be a lot of Bill Hybels many years ago. Increasingly over the past 15 years or so he has shifted the spotlight on others. The midweek service features many of the leaders.

A true leader has the strength to allow others to take the spotlight. That’s humble leadership.

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