Don’t you wish that these guys who do illegal and/or immoral things would just admit it with a huge dose of humility when they inevitably are exposed?

That they would cease looking for an out?

Or an excuse?

Or going into attack posture and begin accusing the accuser?

I just saw this article “Lack of Intellectual Humility Plagues Our Times, Say Researchers.”

This fits with other research I’ve seen on how rampant narcissism is in our society.

And research on the paradox where we have more and bigger stuff in America than in any time in history, yet we feel deprived, poor.

Humility doesn’t mean being weak like a sheep (often the image pulled from the Bible that men shy away from). Humility in this case means being strong, being a true man.

Humility doesn’t mean in-your-face public displays of religion. It comes from` the heart. And for most of us, well, we need that change of heart that begins with humility.

Humility recognizes God. And how I failed to aim for the target. And how I hurt other people by my actions. And how I accept responsibility for what I’ve done. And if my career is over, well, that’s the consequences. I can always build another career with my changed heart as the foundation.

Yeah, I wish…

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