Some Things Just Don’t Last

Most of the jobs I’ve had lasted only a few years.

The graduate school department shut down the program. Economic forces (and maybe some bad management) forced several more jobs to end. Then I left one position for a better place. That better place lasted 10 years but then changes occurred that were going to undo everything I’d built, so I left that one. What I’m doing now is not designed to last.

I thought about that while contemplating the growth of the disciples of Jesus. Our small group has been studying the gospel of John. We’re still puzzling through Chapters 12, 13, 14. The story of the last supper and “final” instructions.

They are puzzled. Where are you going? Just who is this Father you keep talking about…and to? Why are you talking about your death?

It had barely been three years. Great years. They were traveling around. Crowds followed them. Surely this would last a long time, right?

Jesus seems to be saying that it’s all over. But something new is coming.

Sometimes reading through these stories, we need to maintain some perspective.

It’s only 40-some days from these stories to Acts 2.

Those 40 days were packed with growth. They finally understood what was happening. Those 40 days changed the world.

Henry Cloud wrote a book called “Necessary Endings.” It’s on my recommended reading list.

Sometimes it’s good that things don’t last. Because ending one thing can lead to something much better. Not unlike a caterpillar going into a cocoon and a butterfly emerging.

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