There Are No Perfect People

I was taught to write in a positive, forceful manner. At least, to write like I know what I’m talking about. You have to do this in business whether you are reporting on progress of a project or trying to persuade others on a course of action.

So I write these blog posts in the much the same voice.

Then I worry. I hope people don’t think that I think I’m perfect. I’m not.

Still I’m amazed at the number of “professing” Christians who continue to be exposed (so to speak) as downright nasty people. Aren’t we supposed to be trained in the spirit?

It’s no wonder that so many early Christian writers repeated and emphasized one point in their writings on the spiritual journey. They warned of the power of “the flesh” or as we might say, “being overcome by our urges and desires, failing to place them under the power of the spirit.”

That is universal, that problem of subjecting the flesh by the spirit. The New Testament is full of warning and advice. Then read also the Desert Fathers such as John Climacus or The Confessions of Augustine.

You realize, you’re not alone.

That is where humility comes to play. We all struggle with one thing or another. When we succumb and then fail to acknowledge it–confess is our word–then we compound our problem.

I think I need a break from the news. There just is so much of this being revealed.

So, I’m at a conference in Houston this week. The company sponsoring the conference, Rockwell Automation, led the media day presentations yesterday talking about how its employees responded to the severe problems caused by the hurricane. The company manufactures an electrical component called “drives” that control the speed of electric motors that are used in turn for pumps. When the electrical components were destroyed by all the water shutting off the water supply in areas, they worked extra hard to find, ship, and install new drives to restore drinking water. Then there is the training program it has initiated that trains veterans to be engineering technicians so that they can find good employment in manufacturing. And they help them find jobs.

Thank God that the good people seem to outnumber the bad.

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