I am in Jesus, and He is in Me

Yesterday I talked about Barry McGuire’s interview with John Fischer on The Catch.

McGuire mentioned at one point, “People ask if I’m a follower of Jesus. I say, no I don’t follow him. He’s in me, and I’m in him.”

That’s an interesting take on the spirituality of Jesus. I’m puzzling through chapters 13-14 of the gospel of John. Jesus keeps repeating that language. And if it’s repeated, it must be important. He talks of being in the Father and the Father is in him. And he is in us, and we’re in him.

And his followers don’t understand…yet.

Show us the Father, one commands.

Where are you going, supposing a physical location.

We get a hint in the gospel. It comes alive in the early chapters of the book of the Acts of the Apostles. There it is recorded that they and thousands of others learn what it means to be in Jesus and have Jesus in them.

And if I’m in Jesus and he’s in me, what does that mean?

It means that we recognize each human we meet (physically or through some media) is a child of God and we are to love them whether they are worthy or not. Thomas Merton said that it isn’t our job to determine worthy.

It also isn’t easy.

And we have to remember that love doesn’t mean condone their thoughts and actions. It means treating them with the respect that sometimes they didn’t show others.

And with every new revelation of sexual misconduct, especially when men in power force sexual incidents upon teenaged and younger girls, it just grips my stomach. Yet, how am I supposed to show grace in the situation? No one ever said it was easy.

But twice in today’s devotional reading I was told to show grace and God’s love to everyone. So, I begin by not writing mean and vindictive things. And hopefully I will remember this thought with everyone I meet and in every conversation I have today.

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