How Did I Get Here

So, the guy is just minding his own business. Just like any other day in his life.

Then a group of guys stop and talk about him just as if he weren’t there.

“Why was this guy born without sight? Did he sin in the womb? Or, did his parents sin?”

What, he thinks to himself. Do you think I can’t hear as well as can’t see?

Then someone with an authoritative voice rubs mud on my eyes and tells me to go to a special place to wash my eyes.

So, what the heck? I go to the pool and wash my eyes.


Wow! What colors. And that’s what those people look like.

Then some people grab me and take me to a room where the religious leaders were gathered in judgement. That’s what they do. Judge. Separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

And they ask, what happened that you can see? And I tell the simple little story. And they don’t believe, so they call the parents and drag them into the room. He’s our son, they say, and he was born without sight. But other than that, we don’t know anything. Kind of like Sgt. Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes TV series, “I know nothing! Nothing!”

They ask more questions. I’m getting perturbed, and starting to feel stronger.  I have nothing to lose. As a deformed person, I don’t have status in the synagogue anyway. I challenge the big guys. They don’t like that, of course.

Then Jesus, the guy who healed me, finds me and asks if I believe in the Son of Man. I’ve heard of the Son of Man. He’s predicted in the Scriptures and the Essenes have been saying he’ll come soon. So I say yes, but who is this Son of Man? I am, says Jesus.

Then I believe in you. Anyone who can heal like that must be from God.

As John describes in his Gospel in Chapter 9, this man went from the life of a beggar to a disciple one day when the extraordinary happened. John took us from a story of physical sight restored to spiritual sight restored.

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