Who Sinned That This Man Was Born Blind?

Jesus and his guys were walking through a probably crowded street just outside the Temple when they pass a man who was sitting begging for money who had been blind from birth.

“Who sinned, him or his parents, that he was born blind?” they asked Jesus.

Jesus proceeds to give the man sight.

This is a great story of spiritual growth and the play on words John loves so well over the double meaning of physical sight and spiritual sight. (Gospel of John, Chapter 9)

As I was preparing to lead a discussion on this story, I thought about how this attitude of sinning can affect out service (or lack of).

Yes, we do live with the consequences of our actions. We make lifestyle decisions that affect our health (smoking, drugs, sedentary life, eating/drinking to excess). But many millions of people are ill, handicapped, or starving through no fault of their own.

Yet I know of Christians who refuse to help others–whether down the street or across the globe–because “they’ve brought it on themselves”.

Jesus said that this man, in this place, at this time, was there so that the power of God could be revealed.

Whom have we met who could have been there at that time and at that place for us to reveal the presence and power of God? And we whiffed. Missed the pitch.

Some of us (me) are quieter by nature, not given to public displays of much of any kind. But it’s important to know when to speak, when to act.

If I’m a follower (disciple) of Jesus, then I need to recognize that situation at that time at that place where I need to heal someone.

Service isn’t getting 100,000 people together into some parody of a football game. It’s one person at a time, at the right place, at the right time.

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