It Is Not Our Achievements That Matter To God

You pay your dues, work the extra hours, make the extra trip. You become president of the company or famous or a star.

Is God happy with you?

I don’t know. Depends.

Jesus moved easily from conversations with the rich and powerful to conversations with the poorest. He healed the children of Roman officials. He healed lepers.

He never seemed impressed by achievement or lack of achievement.

Jesus was always concerned with the heart.

How often did he say go and sin no more? Or your sins are forgiven?

Sin is a condition of the heart. It is where our attention is focused. Do we live our lives from minute to minute concerned about ourselves and our pleasures? Or, do we live in the Spirit–the type of person who is at peace, and helpful, and looks out for others?

It is not our achievements that matter to God. He does want us to use our talents well. What matters is what sort of person we are becoming.

It’s not what you are; it’s who you are.

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