What Is It About Sex, Or Is It About Sex?

The CEO of Uber is pushed out of his position, along with many of his lieutenants in part because of promoting and allowing a culture of sexual advances on women. And not just employees, customers, too. 

After years of silence, women are beginning to speak out against people in power in Silicon Valley who use their positions to force sexual activities. New allegations have become public about a Venture Capitalist.

It’s called the “bro” culture. Short for “brother” as in a fraternity. It’s like the worst fraternity movies gone wild. Men say, “that’s just the way it is.” Women on the other hand seem not to like it. 

Other news popping up relates to men (although sometimes its women, but quite rare) in positions of trust and authority forcing sexual advances on children (or perhaps girls who look adult but are still children).

I’ve read psychologists who say the root cause is not the sexual emotion itself but instead the drive to power. Although maybe it’s also adolescent boys driven by testosterone more than intelligence becoming 35 and unchanged.

This is an ancient problem. Read Paul’s letters carefully. Get past today’s buzz words, and you will discover that Paul hated giving in to our passions. Jesus said that more than the physical act of adultery it is the interior act of thinking about it.

We become what we dwell on in our hearts. We become what we think about.

Our discipline is to choose to think about the higher things. As Jesus-followers, we are also to guide other people along the same path. If we can save but one person from going down that path, think of all the lives not shattered in the future that would have been.

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