What If Jesus Appeared Among Us Like He Did Before

What if we were walking into a market square in a city or a mall or someplace similar and what if we ran into Jesus?

He’d be dressed more or less like us. But he’d stand out in the crowd for some reason. Probably personality.

And what if he touched someone and made them well right there in front of our eyes?

What if he gave us instruction and teaching just like he did as recorded in the gospels?

Would we follow him?

Somewhere aroung 130 years ago, Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote a novel called The Brothers Karamazov. Read it, but don’t watch the movie. Within the novel is a story.

Jesus visited Spain during the Inquisition. The Grand Inquisitor (a Roman Catholic Cardinal concerned with purity of the faith as he knew it and probably also concerned with personal power) heard about some guy going around healing and teaching. 

He had him arrested and thrown into jail. Then he visited Jesus in jail. He told him he should never have come back. People really didn’t want freedom and spirit. What they really wanted was their daily bread and security. He says, you know I’ll have to kill you all over again. We can’t have someone running around filling the people’s heads with your teaching. We have the Church to think about.

What if we met Jesus today? I mean, in the flesh. Person to person. Would we follow him? Or would we join the crowd killing him?

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