Gratitude Is A Choice And An Attitude

So much of life is a choice.

We may not choose what comes at us. We certainly choose how we respond. Rather, I should say we can choose how to respond. Or, we can let our emotions choose for us. And lead us into a downward spiral like a bathtub draining or a toilet flushing.

We discover that waking up early and taking a few moments to focus on gratitude for that which we have starts us with the right attitude for health and success.

That is why we start with God who created the world and provides for us.

And people who have helped us.

And our abilities that we can use to serve others.

And food and shelter for those of us who have.

This keeps us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.

One Response to “Gratitude Is A Choice And An Attitude”

  1. joyshimmers Says:

    AMAZING!! 🙏✨

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