What Is It Like To Live A Life In Anger?

“How do people live with themselves being angry all the time?”

Saw this on Facebook. A guy I know. Nice guy. Got mad at the woman making a sandwich for him. Felt bad all day.

Do you know that feeling? I do. I hate myself (well, maybe not that strong, but you get the idea) when I allow a temporary emotion create a rift–even when I don’t know the other person.

Mostly I smile and greet people and try to add a little light into their day. Then there are times.

But my friend asks a very perceptive question.

How do people live with themselves when they are always angry? Or, how to people who live with them or deal with them often live with it?

It must be terrible to never feel good. To never feel the love of God breaking through. Oh, they may talk about God, but can they really feel love through the anger? How sad to waste a life like that.

It’s even worse than the gloomy guy who always has something negative to say. My health is bad and the doctors are stupid. Or, the new boss is as big a jerk as the last one (pattern?).

I try to avoid the downer people. But the angry people, they can ruin a good day. Either they provoke anger in response, or at best create feelings of anxiety, distrust, or distance.

I have no advice. It’s difficult to conjure up sympathy. That deep seated anger comes from some emotion probably brewing for years. Or maybe a recent medical condition.

Best is to avoid them. But if they are family or co-worker, best is to try to step back mentally and gain perspective. “I’m not going to let them ruin my day.”

But it must be tough to live in a state of continual anger. Guts all worked up. Nothing goes right. People avoid you. Sad.

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