Foster A Learning Organization

There are two institutions in society where time spent matters more than work done–schools and prisons.

I saw this quote in a book some 40 years ago. I forget the attribution. Twenty minutes just went down the drain searching the Internet for it. Oh, well, how many of us resemble this remark?

There was a candidate for a job opening. “I have a BA degree, therefore I’m an expert in that topic.”

Some people see themselves as never done, as in they must always be learning–both inside and outside their disciplines. Marketing guru Seth Godin has another phrase–Fully Baked. “Knowledge workers, though, the people who manage, who go to meetings, who market, who do accounting, who seek to change things around them—knowledge workers often act as if they’re fully baked, that more training and learning is not just unnecessary but a distraction.”

Managers in all manner of organizations are taught to say “people are our most important asset.” Yet, how many of them encourage the continual learning required to keep the organization fresh and innovative. And to encourage their people to grow and develop?

This works for marketplace organizations, non-profits, and churches.

Are you the sort of leader who leads by example? What are the latest books you’ve read? Podcasts you’ve listened to? Conferences you’ve attended? Notes you’ve put into your notebook or Evernote?

Are you the sort of leader who listens to others–indeed one who solicits advice and then acts on it?

And not just business or leadership books. Read outside your area. Learn something totally new. My reading in brain science has deepened my understanding of Scripture and how to change habits to incorporate the new information.

How about a goal? Read at least one book a month for new information. Then maybe you can make it two. Then you can read that mystery for relaxation.

By so doing, you can influence others to also adopt a learning lifestyle.

Michelangelo wrote on a canvas when he was 87, “I am still learning.”

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