Personal Involvement For Success

This is a travel month for me. Last week I was in California for a conference and then took a couple of vacation days at the beach in Carlsbad. Got home late Friday (about 2 hours later than planned, thanks air travel) then turned around and drove to Grand Rapids, MI for a graduation party. Nice to see old friends and family. Turned around and left Monday for Chicago and a bunch of meetings. Last night was the 11th day this month I’ve slept at home. Leave Sunday for New Orleans. But it slows down.

I’m not complaining about all that. Some is business, and I do need to have some income. Some is seeing friends and family–and that is great. The thing about being on the road is to find ways to keep up my energy and keep up my personal involvement with my various activities. There is work to do for the soccer program in western Ohio. There is my new church work.

This week’s meditations were started by listening to a series of talks by Andy Stanley about leadership. He is an excellent thinker on the subject. I actually prefer listening to him than the vaunted John Maxwell.

For the last one this week, he talked about personal involvement. This sort of reminds me of the old story about contributing or committing. Seems a pig and a chicken were discussing providing breakfast for humans. The pig says, “For you it’s just a contribution, for me it’s a total commitment.”

What is your (my) attitude and focus about the things I’m doing–either in church, in the marketplace or at home? Am I satisfied to just contribute a little? Or, am I “all in”?

I guess that’s a good way to close the week. As you reflect on this week and plan for next week, where did I fall short of the personal commitment that I really should have done? Or, celebrate the commitments made that moved the projects forward. And plan for next week. Focus on the commitments, let the others slide if they must.

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