It Is Not Will To Change, But Focus To Change

I was listening to an Andy Stanley talk recently when he threw out this phrase, “We don’t lack the will to change, but we lack the focus to change.”

The more I thought about this, the greater the wisdom in that statement I perceived. Much of success in life relates to focus and attention.

When I teach people balance poses in Yoga, you know those poses you probably have seen pictures where the model is standing on one foot looking so lithe and graceful, I offer two instructions at the beginning. Find a stationary spot to focus on. Clear your mind so that your entire attention is in the moment on the pose.

In the many years that I’ve taught physical health, I’ve seen the will to change. People show up in class (usually in January or September) with the best of intentions. Their will brought them off the couch to the class. But their life has no (or not enough) focus on well being and they soon stop coming.

I have seen people who have become convinced that their lives will improve if they just begin reading the Bible daily. They are correct, of course. And they have the will to begin. But they cannot focus on the reading and thinking. Their attention wanders. And they soon lose interest. “It really didn’t help,” they might say.

So, how do you achieve mental focus? Michael Hyatt just had some thoughts that he shared through this podcast.

Here are his ten tactics to create more mental focus:

  • Block off time on your calendar.
  • Isolate yourself in a quiet place.
  • Turn the room temperature down.
  • Get comfortable.
  • Take email and social media software offline.
  • Put on music that helps facilitate concentration.
  • Have something on-hand to drink.
  • Avoid high glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Set mini-goals.
  • Set a timer and take predetermined breaks.

I have used these myself and recommend them.

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