Showing Gratitude

Thank you.

How often do you say that? How often should you say that? To others? To God?

After another trip and rather than the expense of another night in the hotel and that I’d rather be home, I took another late night flight. Late night flights connecting through the east coast are a certain formula for schedule disaster.

My plane in New Orleans was late arriving and therefore late departing. And therefore late arriving in Washington, D.C. After a long run through a maze designed by an engineer imported from the Spanish Inquisition, there was a train ride. Followed by yet another maze. But…I arrived at the gate area just as the gate agent was announcing boarding would begin. My Group 1 boarding pass plus now being first in line meant I could get to my seat and begin relaxing. Thank you.

(We won’t talk about the 20 minutes we sat at the gate in Washington waiting for the ground crew to get a set of headphones that worked so that they could push us back. Or the 30 minutes we waited in Dayton for the ground crew to arrive to guide us to the gate. With “Bubba” across the aisle from me getting  agitated. Hey, I got home by 1 am instead of 12:15, but I got home.)

Andy Stanley talks about keeping a set of note cards on your desk. When someone does something cool, send a handwritten note. With specifics. Don’t just scribble “thanks,” but say “Thank you for coming early and starting the coffee. The entire staff appreciated it.”

We have many people in our lives to acknowledge with a Thank You. Do it. Daily. Sometimes circumstances are not all that good on the surface, but there are reasons to be thankful. Look for those reasons and rejoice.


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