What is your excuse

I have much writing to finish reporting on my trip to Hannover so far. It is not getting done.

I am walking many miles per day (it is hard to describe how large the grounds are and the number of buildings to walk through at this trade fair). My legs are stiff. Especially in the morning.

Yesterday, I over slept (smarter today, I set an alarm). So I rushed through my morning to get to the train in time for my first appointment. No time for morning Yoga and meditation.

I was tired.

Tired is an excuse. Eating the wrong food so that my body sugar is not properly regulated is a reason. Deciding to talk with some people or stay for one more beer. These are reasons.

Reasons can be dealt with through proper decisions. It’s my responsibility to eat correctly to balance my weight and give me the proper energy. It’s my responsibility to decide when to return to my room. It’s my responsibility to decide to get up, stretch, study, meditate to begin the day. It is my responsibility to properly schedule my time in order to have time to write.

Are you not getting done what needs to be done in your life?

It’s your decision.

Excuses are tricks we use to deny our responsibility for our condition. We always have a choice about how to adapt to our situation.

Here is a little process:

  • What is the real cause for the way we feel or for the lack of  accomplishment?
  • What decision did I make or not make that put me in that situation?
  • What decision do I need to make right now that helps me toward my goal?
  • Make the decision and do it.

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