I’d Rather be a Disciple

Scott Scruggs of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church also recently picked up on the line of thinking that Andy Stanley began about the difference between Christian and disciple.

Jesus seems always to have requested people to do something, not just be something. If he healed you, there was almost always some requirement. Maybe present yourself to a priest. Or sacrifice at the Temple. Or “go and sin no more.”

I am writing this in the Zurich airport. Down the terminal a little way from me is a group of Orthodox Jews. Several have narrow-brimmed hats squarely on the top of their head. A few have a wide-brimmed hat set back on the head where the front brim points almost straight up. They were saying their morning prayers. A few had prayer shawls over their heads. There were different styles of coats and suits.

Why the differences? They each follow a rabbi. They are disciples. They want so much to be like their rabbi, that they affect his dress style.

We don’t try to dress like our Rabbi (Teacher). We can’t even be 100% certain how he dressed. We can assume, but we don’t have a picture.

But that provokes the question about how we try to be like our Teacher/Master/Lord/Savior. If we don’t dress like him, I guess we have to act like him?

Perhaps our study and meditation for the next few weeks could be about how Jesus acted, what he did, what he said, how he said it, how he developed relationships, how he dealt with controversy, how he treated his friends.

The current term in vogue is to be a “Christ-follower.” I think that disciple is much stronger. I’m not just one of those who followed along while the going was good. I’m trying to be like the Master. I’m his disciple.

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