Are You a Christian or a Disciple

I listened to one of my favorite teachers this morning on the subway (U-Bahn) ride from my hotel to the “fairgrounds” or Messe.

He is teaching for a few weeks on the topic of Christian or disciple.

This is worth pondering. The origin of the word “Christian” was from those outside the faith and used as a term of derision. If you were inside the faith, you were a disciple. Some today use the term “Christ-follower.”

One term is a description. The other term implies an action. Do I just identify with a group? Or, do I follow a teacher/mentor/leader? Do I ask of my mentor, when faced with a situation in my life, what would you do? Even before you ask the question, the answer is “yes.” That is, whatever my mentor would do, that I will do.

I have never been asked the question before last week, but someone asked, “Are you a born-again Christian?” To be honest, I am somewhat put off by the question. It is a description that could well be asked with political overtones.

But, I’m not really all that political any longer. I am trying to be a disciple–someone who follow Jesus.

I try to remember to ask in every situation (oh, I wish I were not sometimes forgetful), Jesus, what would you have me do? And then listen (an interesting concept to many–or even a foreign concept to some). And then do.

A disciple of Jesus:

  • Asks Jesus what to do
  • Listens for the answer
  • Does what Jesus says

Gosh, that sounds simple. I wish it were.

One Response to “Are You a Christian or a Disciple”

  1. Ben Says:

    Great questions Gary. I have never heard it put this way before.

    Love the three step plan. Only thing with step two is we are often making so much noise we don’t hear the still small voice of God.

    Keep it simple. Sounds like a plan.

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