The Extent of Pride in Us

Yesterday I talked a little about humility and pride. In that sense, pride gets in the way of our relations with God and with other people. We think too much of ourselves with too little focus on others.

Recently I started thinking about pride as an attitude that gets in the way of our spiritual growth. I have the ability to express myself that makes it seem that I am entirely sure that I’m correct. (Now most of the time, I am, because I’ve researched the topic, but…) However, I always stand to be corrected. I’ll take in any new piece of information and evaluate it. If I’m wrong, then I’ll change. Sometimes it might take me a period of time to digest the new information and change, but I will change.

A discussion recently involved a few people who were absolutely positive they had the correct and only interpretation of a piece of the Bible. Thing is, I’m not sure that they understand those passages in the context of the entire Bible and in the context within which the stories were written. But their pride was such that there would never be a possibility of showing them that there were legitimate alternative views of the passages.

Their interpretation is purposely divisive–they want to be divisive and prove someone else is bad and that, therefore, they are good. Trouble is, no one is good. The Pharisees lived their lives trying to be good in order to please God. Jesus’ constant battles with them was really over how to please God. Jesus said there is no way to please God by being good. You only please God through belief. And belief is more than agreeing with a proposition. It is a life lived in the presence of God.

Therefore, the spiritual disciplines. We practice them not to be good, but to walk closer to God. And to listen to God. And to let God show us when we are wrong and need to correct our thinking.

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