Help People, Make Friends, Have Fun

Jesus started a mission. Then he built a church.

For the past 1,800 years more or less, we have built churches. Sometimes we do mission. It is so rare to do mission that we hold up “missionaries” as heroes of the faith.

Jesus left us with two commandments. Boiled down to essentials, they were that we should love God and love other human beings.

Jesus mission was to equip us to love God and encourage us to use that equipment to love (serve) others. He showed us examples. He fed people who were hungry. Healed those who were hurt. Loved those who were emotionally hurting.

I’m thinking about all this because I just formally accepted a “position” within my church. Officially known as Missions Coordinator. Once we had a passion for mission. People went to Mexico to help orphans and work with women caught in sex trade. People went to China to help orphans. People went to Haiti to build schools and churches.

I made a mistake. I asked one of our pastors what happened that I don’t hear about that anymore. I made a second mistake. I let another church leader know that I study and write about leadership. So…they said, we haven’t had leadership in that area for some time. How about you actually doing what you write about. Ouch. Fair question. I’ve used that very tactic on others.

There was a guy who saw his mission in business as “Helping People, Making Friends, Having Fun.” I thought, what a great theme for missions work–which by the way is anything we do outside the four walls of the building to help those who are hungry and ill, listen with love to those who are emotionally hurting, let people know about how to live a life with-God following Jesus so that they, in turn, can help others. I’ve heard testimonies of people coming back from trips. They helped people, made friends–sometimes for life, and had a lot of fun.

There are many readers of this blog from around the world. How do you do missions? Any tips for bringing new life to our mission activities? Any places we should go to reach out to people?

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