Humble Does Not Mean Weak

The other day I tweeted a link to a blog that discussed the merits of being nice. Someone responded that nice isn’t always good because people will misconstrue nice as being weak and will then try to take advantage of you.

Now, if you don’t know about “tweeting” (something you do when you send a message out to your followers on Twitter) or “links” (something you can click on to go to another page), don’t worry. I was just sharing something interesting with my 1,750 + followers on Twitter.

Can you be nice, humble even, and still be strong?

I answered back that you can be strong and be nice.

Jesus was not weak. Some 19th Century philosophers, notably Nietzsche, thought he was. They had that same notion as my questioner. If Jesus had been strong, he would have fought and conquered both the Romans and the Jewish leaders.

Actually, what Jesus did required strength. He had options. He chose the one that best served others. Starting a war would have been a disaster. Thousands would have died–as they did in the rebellion that occurred 30-some years later that resulted in the destruction of the Temple.

Jesus is always my guide in these matters. Think on his daily life. He might be tired and cranky, but if someone came to him with a problem, he set aside his own problems and dealt with the person.

Nietzsche had it wrong philosophically. He was a bit of a prophet, though, in that he foresaw the rise of people who thought of themselves as the Übermensch–sometimes translated as “Superman.” (yes, the beginning of the comic book hero) But he totally misunderstood the strength of Jesus.

Think about how you can maintain your core strength and beliefs and yet humble yourself. Being humble simply means to put God and others before yourself. The opposite of pride–or the prevalent disease of our day, narcissism. Because of my strength, I can serve. That might be a good mantra for meditation occasionally. Remind you of your focus and your strength.

Because of my strength, I can serve.

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