If You Don’t Listen, People Won’t Tell You Anything

Andy Stanley recently spoke on leadership and the value of listening. I consider listening a Spiritual discipline. The discipline of listening concerns both listening to God and listening to other people.

“If you are a leader and you don’t listen to others, then you will surround yourself with people who won’t talk.”

I am at a conference this week and am exploring new businesses doing things in new ways. So, after 10 years at one company, I have to first explain what directions I’m considering. Then I listen. In two days, I’ve accumulated more business ideas and potential income streams than I’d have ever imagined just sitting in my office at home. I can’t take notes fast enough.

[By the way, learners are note takers. I take notes everywhere. I always have a small pad or note cards and a pen.]

It’s the same way with God. If you listen, God is talking. Maybe not in a George Burns voice (like the movie), it may be a whisper like Bill Hybels explains. But God is there. Listen and take notes.

It’s the same way with teams you may be leading at church, at your non-profit organization, or at you workplace. If you listen, people will tell you. And you learn many things.

When you listen, listen completely, with your entire attention. In this way, you open yourself to new ideas.

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