What if Christians Really Followed Teachings On the Poor

Jesus taught that we should be feeding the poor. The story of his feeding of the 5,000 (men) appears in all four gospels. Late in Matthew’s story, Jesus said when we fed the poor, we fed him. James taught that if you say you believe and do not act it out in your life, your belief leads to nothing.

I’m in a small group that is discussing service and plotting how to actually serve. In my own life, I’m evaluating service opportunities. But while we were discussing ideas around collecting food for  the poor in our town, I was reminded of some thinking I have done for many years.

What if all the Christian churches followed Jesus’ teaching to feed the poor?

I’m thinking of just the USA right now, but it probably applies generally. If you do the math (number of people on welfare or number of those below poverty line divided by the number of churches), it is not an out-of-bounds thought to say that we could remove the state welfare system and do a much better job of caring for people.

I diverted a year of my life and went to graduate school in political science. Mostly I was interested in political philosophy, but I did a graduate seminar in public administration (or bureaucracy). Bureaucracy is driven by procedures and policies. It is not driven by care for people.

The miracle wouldn’t be feeding the people. The miracle would be all the Christian churches working together!

But, imagine, what if….

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