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Productivity-First Admit Your Human Weaknesses

November 11, 2016

Pro-Tip: Productivity becomes much simpler once you accept your weaknesses as a human being.

I wish I were more productive. How about you?

The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael Sliwinski and Radek Pietruszewski about the things we’re interested in and passionate about. Michael developed a productivity app and a company called Nozbe. It is based on the ideas of David Allen expressed in Getting Things Done-The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

“Continuing our discussion about morning routines, we talk about how we design our week to make productivity easy.” As they discussed the topic, they hit on a great sentence.

It sounds like the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous or the guide to spiritual formation found in the book of Romans in the New Testament. Well, those ideas have been tested for years and proven to work.

I guess that’s just what I need to boost my productivity just a little.

Where do I fall short? Do these things bring a pang of conscience to you?

  • Do not find my best working time of the day
  • Do not get up in the morning at a regular time (early enough to get started)
  • Do not have a morning routine that gets me into the groove (see the link above)
  • Do not focus on getting one task done at a time
  • Waste time by immediately checking email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Am not sure what to work on next
  • Have not assembled the best tools for the job at hand

Peter Drucker once said something to the effect that management is getting things done and leadership is doing the right things.

Therefore, as we look at where we fall short on a daily basis, there is a longer term view. We also fall short in deciding (for me the week between Christmas and New Years is the time dedicated to this process) what we want to be in the near future and longer term future.

Then we fail to set aside time every month to track progress. Are we becoming the person we want to be? What do I need to do this month?

Then there is the most important part. The weekly review. What have I done this week that furthered my goals? What opportunities have I missed or neglected? What are the three most important tasks for me to work on this week?

All the tips are great. However, every day I meet someone who thinks they are productive–and they are in reality far from it.

We all live in the land of self-delusion. Sometimes (at least once per day) we need to pause and consider where we fall short. Then we can wake up and get to work.


Stop Dropping The Ball And Get Things Done

April 5, 2016

Are people beginning to drop hints about your forgetting to do something? Too often? Do you think of things you’d like to do? And then think of them again a week later? Are you stressed out trying to remember things?

Lately I have run across many people exhibiting those traits.

I recommend the methodology of David Allen laid out clearly in his book Getting Things Done.

Someone remarked recently about how productive they think I am. Well, to be honest, I could be better–I’m looking into my daily habits. But, I adopted the GTD method about 10 years ago. After trying a number of digital apps as an aid, I settled on Nozbe.

Want to be more productive? Buy the book. Read it. Do it. If Nozbe helps, get it. There is a free version or you can upgrade for a few more features.


The reason I talk about this in a spiritual development blog is that if your mind is not clear and you are worried about many things (Martha), then you will not be able to settle into your study, prayer, and meditation time.


Collect all the things you need to process, remember, do. Emails, requests, “honey-do”, reports, shopping lists, and so on.

Put them in one trusted place. Either in pen and paper in a file folder or in one digital spot.

Process these things:

CanĀ  I do them in 2 minutes or less–then do it.

Is there a date requirement–put in a dated tickler folder to pull out on the date you’ll do it.

Is there a context? Gather all your things to get while out running errands. List all the calls you need to make while you have phone time. List all the things to do while you’re working at your computer. Etc.

Most important–translate everything into next actions. If your action is “birthday party”, you’re not quite right. Your next actions really are something like write invitations, mail invitations, buy cake….Get the picture?

Everything goes on a list.

Every night, look at the list and determine the three most important tasks to tackle tomorrow.

Every week, review the previous week and the upcoming week and determine what you need to get done.

Every month, take some time and review at a higher level. Is what I’m working on helping me accomplish what I want to and become the kind of person I want to be?

Every year take a couple of days into a self-retreat. Think about the bigger picture of who you are and what you want to do and organize your lists or set project.

Stopping dropping the ball. Become known as a dependable person on top of things and your life.