Attitude Makes All the Difference

I am traveling again. Not as much as the old days in the industry, but it’s nice to get out after the pandemic lockdown days.

Traveling can be tiring. The three hour maintenance delay of my flight was not that stressful. Then a taxi to the conference hotel. Directly to the press conference room. Meet people, listen to presentations, take notes, digest information. Then to meet people, ask questions, absorb more information. Eat very little. Walk 1.5 miles to my hotel. It’s 9 pm and I’m tired. 

Now, the question is, I got in my steps, but when to do strength and flexibility work? 

It’s attitude. 

With a positive, energetic attitude, I can work in a little Yoga and write. Or, scan email from for the first time in several hours, send a couple of text messages, get in a few minutes of Duolingo language study to keep my 159-day streak alive, and go to bed.

It’s attitude that either allows me or prevents me from overeating 

It’s attitude that guides me to my daily mediation even with a different schedule and environment.

It’s my attitude that I must nurture. And allow it to guide me in the proper direction.

Guard your attitude. It makes all the difference.

One Response to “Attitude Makes All the Difference”

  1. Dick Says:

    Great words of wisdom!

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