Preparation and Discipline

I was the school’s geek in high school. Electronics fascinated me.

One day the speech teacher had me pulled from a class to go to his room to plug a microphone into the school’s new oscilloscope so that they could see their voice as a wave form on a graph. Pretty advanced for 1964.

Great idea, except that I was expected to set it up instantaneously in front of the class without prior trial. That didn’t work.

Brilliant ideas are nice. Taking the time before to prepare, try out methods, get things right–those are the work that will make or break execution of the idea.

So, you want to be the local (or regional) Bible teacher. Have you invested the time and effort to study words, context, geography, settings, and so forth?

You want to be a spiritual guru. Have you directed your effort and attention to sitting in meditation daily for weeks, months, years?

Do you have the discipline to prepare?

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