Closest To God

Humans often ask impossible questions of God. The questions often are a variation on the theme of just where is God, anyway.

Where was God when the tragedy occurred? Where was God when I needed support and care and strength?

I used to ask how will God get me out of this mess I’ve gotten myself into.

If we keep our awareness antennae focused, we discover later that God was there all along. God doesn’t prevent tragedy from occurring. Well, sometimes I think maybe he does. But many writers have told stories about discovering God at work in the midst of doubt, despair, fear, worry.

God was closest to us in those moments. We often don’t realize the support we get until later reflection reveals God and our friends were there all along.

Maybe we spend hours in meditation, contemplation, and prayer hoping to be close to God. Maybe we don’t realize the presence surrounds us ready to pounce when most needed.

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