Treating With Sensitivity and Humanity

I just finished “binge reading” Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse series of novels. Set in Oxford, England, Detective Chief Inspector Morse solves murders in his unique style assisted by loyal partner Detective Sergeant Lewis and boss Chief Superintendent Strange. The thirteen novels culminate in a moving finale.

Dexter drew the final resolution of both the murder case and the series with a series of scenes that handled the complex relationships with such sensitivity and humanity that I had to pause and reflect for quite a while.

What would happen, I wondered, if we stepped back and took a longer view at relationships both near and far and brought sensitivity and humanity to the reflection?

We sometimes (often?) judge motivations and actions quickly. Perhaps there is more to the story? Perhaps they weren’t out to get you? Perhaps they were protecting someone else? Yes, some people are devious. But most? Most just act the best they can at the time. We should consider them with sensitivity and humanity, and yes, even love.

And if you are a fan of murder mysteries, you cannot go far wrong by reading Dexter. His writing captures the scene and mood, and keeps you guessing along with Morse.

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