Each Day As It Comes

Leaders of the early Christian church faced a problem. Belief that Jesus would return any day soon to establish his kingdom on earth ran through the movement like dropping red dye in a glass of water. That led to problems. No one wanted to work. They just sat around singing and talking…and waiting.

Paul directly addressed the problem. Other writers did indirectly.

We need to live as if Jesus could come at any moment; yet, we also needed to live not knowing if it would be days or years (they didn’t comprehend millennia back then).

Substantial numbers of Christians today feel no urgency toward fulfilling God’s instructions about stewardship of the earth and its inhabitants because Jesus could be (will be?) returning any day now.

I go with ancient wisdom proved out through millennia. Live each day at a time. If I die tomorrow, so be it. I’m ready. If not, I have planned for living longer, too. But for now, I do what’s best for today. Not living in recrimination of the past; not worrying about tomorrow. I work today and let yesterday and tomorrow take care of themselves.

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