It Blows This Way and That

Sitting on the patio this morning with my bowl of oatmeal and blueberries and a cup of coffee, a breeze mitigates the penetrating morning sun. It comes from my right side. Then ceases. Then from the front. Switching again to the side. Then off. Then on.

Poets and spiritual writers have noticed this for millennia. It also relates to humans.

Sometimes we blow hot. Sometimes cold. Sometimes we are active on a cause or project. Sometimes we quit. We are enthused; then withdrawn.

How is anyone to know where we stand? What is our anchor? Are we living with God? Or, are well living for ourselves alone?

That’s the purpose of the cup of coffee on my morning table. I sip and pause and contemplate the beauty around me. And I open myself to any whisper that may come from God in that shifting breeze. What are my guiding words for the day?

Perhaps to be the stability within the vicissitudes of life around me.

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