Opportunity Lost

They were driving through a number of states on vacation. He visited a small group Bible class on a Sunday stopover. The teacher commented on what he surely thought was common geographic knowledge of ancient Egypt introducing the class. He thought the teacher was wrong. Rising, he told the teacher he was wrong and leading the class astray. He left.

Actually, this man was most likely in error espousing a popular, but misleading, translation from the Hebrew. Understanding what those ancient writers meant in their ancient language is not as straightforward as some think.

Perhaps he could have asked, “Beg your pardon, but where do you get that idea?” And the teacher could have explained the translation as he had been taught. Perhaps then both could use the opportunity to explore the idea and come to a deeper understanding of the story the class was studying. Everyone could have learned something, even if they agreed to disagree.

These opportunities are rare. Missing the opportunity is unfortunate. A good discussion enlightens everyone. Now it is only a story of a disagreement that most likely ruined the day for everyone in the class.

Opportunity lost. Where are you (we) losing opportunities to learn and relate?

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