Do The Work Upfront

We so easily take the path of least resistance. Sometimes with intention we can make that work for us. Usually it takes us away from spiritual and personal growth and healing.

This is a sub topic in this Tim Ferriss interview with Jason Portnoy on addiction. Portnoy found himself taking that path with an addiction to porn and sex. He advises 12-step programs. His 10-year work with a life coach was invaluable. “If you can in any way afford it, working with a life coach or therapist will pay you back richly.” Do the work upfront, he said. Climb that mountain.

Seth Godin recently wrote about Carrying Benefits “Pay once, but come out ahead over and over again,” he advises. “There are habits, assets and learnings that seem too expensive right now. And so we simply stick with our status quo.”

That’s why I have risen early and exercised every week day even often while traveling. It’s why I meditate and study and reflect daily. Pay upfront. Do the work upfront.

Benefits follow.

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