Anxiety and Curiosity

I have a bed that allows many settings. Raise the head. Raise the foot. Adjust firmness. And it reports back on sleep–overall “sleep quality number”, meeting goals of restful sleep, time in bed, regularity of sleeping and rising.

I play with those things. I’m curious about almost everything–sometimes too many things. Did I sleep better at firmness 30 or 90? How about 75? Should the head be raised a little to promote breathing?

Some people can’t take that feedback. If the score comes back low, they worry. They are anxious about tomorrow’s score. How will it measure up. Maybe they have deep needs to be perfect. This is prevalent with many teens. Their parents and teachers have set huge expectations. They are graded constantly. Always compared to classmates. Always compared to ideal.

They are anxious.

Once I was anxious over many things. Now, not so much. Mediation trained my mind to relax and refocus. I learned that I can control (to an extent) what my mind dwells on. If I discover it is dwelling on things that raise my anxiety, I tell it to focus on something more pleasurable. Or on a problem I need to solve. Something else.

And this took time. Not days, not weeks, but months. Perhaps even years.

Curiosity or anxiety? Which way do you go? Where would you like to be?

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