Energy From People

I am just home from several days at a technical conference. For me, this is the second one in a month. Fourth since December. For many, this was the first one back since February 2020 when this conference was last held. This was also my 24th, beginning in 1998.

Are you sensitive to the energy in a room? They held a cocktail / networking reception each early evening. The energy level at each event was high. I’ve seen quiet ones in down economies and high energy in good times. I think in this case the energy was high because everyone was glad to see people again and discuss common issues and problems. Remember, most people here were engineers–the type of human not usually known to be outgoing (how can you tell an extraverted engineer, he looks at your shoes when he talks…).

Most people are actually neither extraverts or introverts, but a blend. But people can draw out energy even from introverts for a while. They just need to go rest afterwards while the extraverts go out for another drink.

American churches have not recovered from the exodus of covid. Attendance is around 50% pre-Covid. I wonder about energy in those churches. Or if there was too much “artificial” energy created by over-enthusiastic musicians that has not carried over?

Are you out and about, yet? I enjoyed the conferences. I enjoy getting back to the quiet of my office or patio.

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