How Politics Harms Our Discipleship #NotInItToWinIt

Feeling back in the groove, I was lifting weights in the fitness center. Someone had turned the TV to a news channel. I saw a number of ads for local Illinois political races. Oh, how I love not watching commercial TV and enduring a steady diet of those!

Which brings me to a book I wish to promote. I read a galley proof some time ago. Although thoughtful for anyone, this book targets evangelical Christians concerned about how they are driving people away from the church in huge numbers because of politics.

Not In It To Win It: Why Choosing Sides Sidelines the Church, by Andy Stanley is the book I wish I had written–except that where I reach 1,000, he reaches 10,000,000.

In his words,

To be honest, I didn’t want to… nor did I have time to… write this book. But my heart is broken over the division in our nation, but even more so, the division in the church. 


Division is the very thing Jesus was most concerned about—the thing we seem completely unconcerned about. 

Jesus did not command us to agree on everything. But he did command us to love one another the way he loved us.

​​​​Let’s get back to doing that.

One Response to “How Politics Harms Our Discipleship #NotInItToWinIt”

  1. Joe Ruiz Says:

    Loving Andy’s book so pleased you brought it to my attention. Glad you are feeling better

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