All I Want To Do

Apologies for those who stop by daily. I’m affected by seasonal allergies. Some years are worse. This was a bad one. Sometimes there’s only a headache or two. A few times the histamines unleashed by those little yellow buggers wiped me out for three days. I didn’t have much energy from Wednesday morning through Friday.

While in an anti-histamine-induced fog, I contemplated several years of writing this blog plus 45 years of teaching Bible, prayer, and other assorted bits of knowledge. We exist in an era of theory. What if, we opened the gospel writers’ recordings of the words and actions of Jesus? What if we opened the book and read as if for the first time? What if we believed that Jesus meant what he said?

Oh, for a mind like a child–open to new experiences, forever curious, thirsty for learning. What new thing will tomorrow bring?

2 Responses to “All I Want To Do”

  1. Dick Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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