Take a Breath

You’re trying to get somewhere and there is a queue at the entrance.

You’re focused on finishing a task around the house and one of your children needs immediate attention.

You’re coaching a youth sports team and one of the little ones needs a shoelace tied.

You’re Jesus hurrying with concerned parents to save a child from death and a woman with a need interrupts your hurry for a healing.

I imagine the scene and see Jesus momentarily annoyed that his journey was interrupted. I see him taking a breath. Pausing. Treating the woman with respect while assuring her of healing. Then, proceeding to bring life to the child.

There is no reason that we, fallible as we are, cannot also train ourselves to pause, take a breath, deal with the interruption respectfully, and continue.

There is a reason that Ancient Greek used the same word for breath and spirit. Think about that. Better yet, practice it.

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