There Are Two Types of People

There are always two types. It makes for great preaching. I once had to listen to a pastor every week build a straw man (one type) and then demolish that one with a Christian (type two).

There is a type of person who proclaims being a Christian. They post on Facebook or Instagram, say all the correct words, believe in the correct propositions.

There is another type of person who just follows what Jesus told, tries to live according to his teaching, serves others with strength and humility.

Sometimes the first type of person tries to follow Jesus living in service and humility. Others of that type apparently divorce their daily lives from their proclaimed faith.

Circumstances arise at times that remind me of painful experiences I’ve had with that latter type—the divorced type. That led me to construct the Gary Theory of Doing Business with Christians. When you find yourself doing business with an overtly Christian business man, take a firm hold of your wallet lest you have your money siphoned away.

I’ve had four experiences that have taught bitter lessons costing a lot of money.

Don’t be that person. Ethics are such an important part of living in community. And leaving a legacy to be proud of. As Andy Stanley likes to tell it, your decisions and actions tell a story. What story would you like to be able to tell your grandchildren?

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