The famous story about Michael Jordan was about being cut from an early basketball team. He came back to be a star as a senior in high school and then college and then the pros. Until the end of his career what distinguished him from lesser basketball players, even elite ones, was how hard he practiced.

The young musician on her way to a performance at the famed arts center Carnegie Hall asked someone on the street, “How can I get to Carnegie Hall?” He replied, “Practice, my child, practice.”

According to Jesus and Paul and James and other early writers, our spiritual life encompasses both our relationship to God and our relationship to our fellow human beings.

How do we grow and develop those spiritual muscles?


We must practice more fruitful quiet time with prayer and meditation. We must practice being kind—both to ourselves and to everyone we meet.

For some people, it’s almost a dynamic tension—being alone and being with others. To be complete followers of Jesus, we must master that tension. How? Through daily practice. Beginning right this moment.

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