An old joke in America asks, “How can you tell a lawyer if lying? His lips are moving.” (Or substitute your favorite other profession, such as politician, marketer…)

I do not feast on current event news. On the other hand, I do have a few sources I check twice a day. I saw some news this morning. I thought, “Are there no ethics left?”

Even in my most rebellious adolescent years complaining about authority figures telling me what to do and all the other adolescent rants (that we still hear people in their 30s through 70s going on), I never considered lying, cheating, stealing, killing, and so on. There was a core of ethics that I seldom breached. (I must admit I wasn’t perfect, something I regret to this day.)

I used to know Republicans with ethics. Where have they all gone? The same with Democrats. That’s an American illustration. Substitute your own favorite politics wherever you live.

We must have a foundation of ethical behavior in order to breed and cultivate trust.

We must start in the mirror in the morning. What ethical lapses have we perpetrated in the past 24 hours? What will I do today to do the right thing? Can I teach someone else today?

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