Do As I Say, Not As I Do

The scene is imprinted in my memory. High school. Lunch. Teacher sitting at a table with several of her students. Someone pointed out she was not eating with the same etiquette as she taught.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” she replied.

At 16, I thought that was inappropriate. Years later, the new me concurs.

Yet, I wonder if that could be said of many (or most?) of us who point to Bible verses that someone else should follow?

Or the advice we give. “Eat right and you’ll lose weight and be healthier” said just before we snack on potato chips.

What is your view of Christians in general? Would it resemble that? If so, where is the failure?

My nephew just wrote to me that he is studying the ancient book of Job. I responded, “Oh, the book that shows the limits and futility of giving advice.” Only half joking.

Telling other people what to do or how to do it can deflect back to indict the speaker. Take care with freely giving advice. Parents know that children learn more by watching them than by listening (or not) to all the admonitions freely distributed.

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