Losing Sight of What Matters

Last time I thought about focus. Reading further into Romans, we see Paul criticizing his fellow Jews. We could take that as something for us to beware of today.

“Instead of trusting God, they took over. They were so absorbed with their ‘God Projects’ that they didn’t notice God right there in front of them.”

That thought caused me to pause to reflect on the many board and committee meetings I’ve attended, local level or state level, where he could have said the same thing about us.

How often we are so wrapped up in ourselves that we lose focus of the ultimate goal.

When I was in training as a soccer referee, I had to learn to concentrate on my stride and pace, yet I had to maintain a focus on the ultimate goal and time.

Similarly, we have to have the meeting, the project, the daily disciplines, yet we must not lose sight of the real goal.

It’s focus…focus on God. This God who is paradoxically right there beside us all the way.

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