Make Decisions That Stick

I also write about what is called these days “digital transformation.” Magazines and company blogs tout it as something new and revolutionary. But, it is neither, exactly.

My first baby steps into that world occurred around 1978 when I entered a lot of engineering data into the company computer for the use of the materials and cost accounting departments. Note: computer == digital. I have either done that or written about it ever since.

Why did we begin “digitizing” our data? Managers and workers wanted to make better decisions. Today, companies may spend millions of dollars to accomplish that.

I thought about making better decisions that result in more effective actions while I read the Apostle Paul writing the the Jesus-followers in Rome. He discussed becoming aware of the difference between living in sin and living in the Spirit. He wished to decide for the Spirit, but, he tells us, his decisions often did not lead to actions.

Paul wants me (us) to decide to live in the Spirit…and he wants to see that my actions follow through with that decision.

I decided to lose weight this year. Have my actions through these seven weeks resulted in eating less, emphasizing healthful foods, and exercising more?

I decided to live with more kindness. Reviewing my actions of the past seven weeks as if I were a detached observer, what have my interactions with other people reflected?

My Welsh Baptist ancestors emphasized making a decision for Jesus. The question that indicts is whether my actions have changed because of that decision.

Make a decision that sticks.

3 Responses to “Make Decisions That Stick”

  1. David Says:

    We are just over the border from Wales Baptists (11 miles into England). There are not so many chapels in Wales these days. A long time has passed since 1904.

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      Ah, I’m currently reading the Ellis Peters (Edith Pargeter) Brother Cadfael mysteries. Takes place just east of the border of Wales. Our first British crime series we streamed was Midsomer Murders, which also takes place on the border with Wales (and you can go to some village out there and get a “Midsomer Tour.” Thought about going off that way some day. Maybe when the pandemic settles down.

      • David Says:

        We didn’t watch Midsomer Murders. But the Welsh Marches where we live is a beautiful part of the UK. Shrewsbury where I believe Brother Cadfael is based is 40 miles north of us. The ‘f’ in Cadfael would be pronounced as ‘v’ in Welsh.

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