Feeling Self-Important

We are “binging” an English/French TV series almost every evening working our way through 11 seasons. I like it because it is humorous, bordering on comic book, even. I don’t need tense drama prior to sleep.

An important visiting police investigator comes to the small island of St. Marie in the Caribbean. She is checking up on the local Inspector. In one scene, the friendly local bar owner takes the detective aside and tells her the police team often discusses cases at the bar and “I’ve even helped solve a couple of cases.”

Of course, that does not help the Inspector’s cause. But that scene points to a universal human condition—our need to feel important, our compulsion to say something to boost our own self-esteem.

I have a personality type where I have occasional painful flashbacks of stupid things I’ve said.

That should be just one additional warning building on the teaching of James about the tongue.

But at least my words are not recorded like those of James and John (and/or their mother, there are two stories) where they, misinterpreting the Kingdom (again), ask to be the most important.

Often it is best to be still.

Oh, and the TV story—just like when I teach on the Revelation of John, in the end it all works out OK.

3 Responses to “Feeling Self-Important”

  1. David Says:

    Death in Paradise? Brilliant series. We are on the latest series here in the UK. My only beef having spent a bit of time in the Caribbean is that some of the actors are not very good at West Indian accents.

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      That is it. I overlook the mix of accents given the genre. I loved the French detective saying the Inspector has a strange accent, probably Scottish. His Irish accent is not strong and there are only a few times where I hear it pop out.

      • David Says:

        We’re back onto a British inspector again. But I did enjoy Ardal O’Hanlan. He also played the priest with the low IQ in Father Ted. Not sure if that one made it to the USA.

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