God Is Always There…and Here

Paul leads us through the process of spiritual formation in his letter to the Romans. He gets to a point where he needed an example. All good writers need to pull in an example. Paul uses Abraham–father to the Jews (and many others). He talks about Abraham trusting God, even before the ritual sealing the agreement, and that trust was credited to him by God making Abraham right with him.

Then Paul tells us that God is always there for all of us. He uses the images that we throw open our doors to allow God in and discover that God has already opened his door for us.

That’s sort of weird. But it’s something I can picture. I’ve decided to trust God and allow him to enter a relationship if he wishes only to discover that he has opened his door already and is waiting for our door to open.

The way I look at it is like this–God has always existed, even before what we call time, and God is around us at all times. It is up to each of us to open our awareness and allow the spirit in. It’s like Jesus telling people that the Kingdom of God is all around us just waiting for us to enter.

Theologians will devise all manner of fancy words. Some will add rules, rituals, regulations. In the end, it’s really very simple. Open your spiritual eyes and see.

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