In The Beginning Was Trust

Paul patiently brings us through the steps of spiritual formation in his letter to the Romans.

He looks at we humans and lists all the ways we separate ourselves from God. Then he talks about looking at what God does, not at what we do.

Then, for example

He talks about Abraham. That Abraham who is the father of the Jewish nation—and also other nations. But in this example, the Abraham of the covenant. The agreement between God and Abraham that was sealed by Abraham cutting the foreskin off his male organ. Circumcision. That mark of a Jew even unto this day.

But Paul asks, what came first? Was it the circumcision or Abraham’s trust in God?

In the beginning of this special relationship between God and Abraham was trust.

Trust comes before ritual. That is trust in God. Not trust in some charismatic church leader or the like. Trust God and all these things shall be given to you.

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