Take Care For What You Say

She meant well. You know that sort of person. Outgoing, friendly, with a compulsion to share news—especially bad or sad or frightening news.

When they are professional, they are called journalists. We know how to respond—rather to avoid. Don’t read that sort of news or watch that sort of news TV.

Sometimes they are friends that you see often. Sometimes just a friendly shopkeeper.

Sometimes it is you (me).

But, people listen to that. Some people shrug it off. Others are deeply affected. Their anxiety quotient ramps up. It affects their life. Maybe even changing their life.

The Apostle Paul advised us to watch what we say. The Apostle James advised us about the harm words cause. The non-apostle Gary reminds himself, and you along for the ride, that sometimes not saying is better than saying.

Take care ‘lest your words cause unintended harm.

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